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Dongguan Ming Sheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Wang 13828785640
                 Yang Panpan 18820710531
E-mail: sl34@dgdoublewin.com
                 Miss Cai 13418270193
E-mail: sl32@dgdoublewin.com
Tel: 0769-82126596
Fax: 0769-87136852
Website: www.dgdoublewin.net
Address: Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Qia Lun Qiaofeng Industrial Zone
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Company Name: Dongguan Ming Sheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0769-82126596 Contact: Mr. Wang 13828785640 / Miss Cai 13418270193
Email: Jacksonwang@dgdoublewin.com / sli@dgdoublewin.com